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Russia (топик английский о России с переводом)

Russia — Россия (английский топик с переводом). Russia is the biggest country in the world. Its official name is the Russian Federation. The capital is Moscow. It’s also one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. The second largest city is Saint Petersburg. It has wonderful architectural monuments and it is considered… Читать далее »

Books and the importance of reading — Книги и важность чтения

People meet their first books in their early childhood. First books have colorful and attractive illustrations. With the help of these books little kids learn about the world around them. While a child is growing, he or she gets acquainted with new genres of literature. As everyone is different, there exists a huge variety of… Читать далее »

Eating out (in a cafe or a restaurant) — Еда вне дома (а кафе или в ресторане).

A lot of people like to go out, because they want to relax and get some new impressions. Many people prefer to go to cafés or restaurants. I’m no exception. I like to go to cafés and coffee shops very much. I rarely go to restaurants, because they are usually quite expensive and pretty crowded.… Читать далее »